Using social media to promote my business

I actively use various social media platforms to promote my Shea Glow products and brand. I aim to post regularly across all my platforms, understanding that consistency is crucial. Some things I do is use certain keywords or hashtags like "Moisturizer", "skin care", and "Hydration". However, it's not as simple as it sounds. I need to create content that intrigues users and piques their curiosity about my Shea butter products. Patience is also essential because not all of my content gets the attention I desire. Furthermore, I have to be highly creative, carefully selecting personal clips and videos that complement each other to form engaging content. My objective is to utilize TikTok to gain a substantial number of views and raise awareness of my website, encouraging people to talk about it. I have received positive feedback from previous customers who love Shea Glow, and my aim is to attract new fans. Please feel free to share any of my content with your friends and family about my body butter and how it could possibly heal dry skin. My TikTok is and my Instagram is

Here are some videos I made

-Benjamin Kordieh

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