The importance of scents

Scents play a huge part with Shea Glow. With Shea Glow you can make your own Shea butter by choosing the custom* option when making a purchase and then after writing exactly what you want mixed. This is important because not many other stores offer the customer an option to make what they want. Scents are more powerful than we think. They can be linked to many things like memory, emotion, healthcare, productivity and taste. Studies show that a person can remember a memory better if it’s linked to a smell rather than if it’s linked with a visual object. Scents have a strong influence on how we feel as it can affect human behavior. With this knowledge it’s a good idea to choose a scent that boost your emotion in the positive direction. Involving healthcare specific scents are chosen to relax people in healthcare facilities. In hospitals lavender is chosen to calm residents and visitors in the emergency room, hence why aromatherapy diffusers are a thing. Additionally certain smells produce productivity and increase alertness. Lemon oil scent was used in a Japanese office building and increased the worker’s productivity by 54%. Scents can also revive concentration. Lastly taste plays a part. If one cannot smell, the ability to enjoy the food won’t be the same.

Some scent combinations that work well together are Lavender Ylang Ylang Wild orange, Orange peppermint, Lemon grapefruit orange, Lemon lavender peppermint, Lemon peppermint, Lemon lime lavender, Lemon lime orange, Grapefruit cinnamon, Lime eucalyptus, Frankincense Sandlewood, Peppermint grapefruit, Peppermint cinnamon, Frankincense Peppermint, Lavender lime, Strawberry Vanilla, Strawberry chocolate, Strawberry peppermint, Strawberry orange, Orange frankincense cinnamon, Chocolate peppermint. These are to name a few but the possibilities are endless. A little research on google and you can find what works for you. My personal favorite is strawberry vanilla or strawberry lemon. Anything that smells like a fruity drink I like because it brings good thoughts to my head. Some scents that will be coming soon are Passion fruit and cotton candy. If there is any scents you would be interested in comment on this post or try to reach me via email, instagram etc.

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