How do you use moisturizers

I follow a skin care routine that involves using Shea Glow as my moisturizer. I take a small amount of Shea Butter on my fingertip, place it in my palm, and apply it to my face in a circular motion. I choose to use circular motions because it helps counter the effects of gravity, which can cause sagging as we age. I usually moisturize after taking a shower because it feels fresher and leaves a pleasant, long-lasting scent. Once a day is typically enough. Although it may seem a bit oily when first applied, it absorbs well, leaving my skin moisturized. Additionally, Shea butter can also be beneficial for hair. In my case, I have 4C hair, so I apply it after a shower and brush through. It helps keep my hair moisturized, manageable, and looking hydrated allowing me to style or protect it as needed. How do you incorporate moisturizers into your routine?

-Benjamin Kordieh

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