Gye Nyame Symbol in Shea Glow Logo

"Gye Nyame" is a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol that represents the omnipotence and supremacy of God in African culture. It is often translated as "Except for God" or "Only God." The symbol is characterized by a stylized depiction of a cross-like image with a circle at the top, and it's widely recognized in various forms of African art, textiles, and jewelry. "Gye Nyame" symbolizes the belief in a higher power and the acknowledgment of divine control and authority in human lives. I use the colors Red, Yellow, and Green to represent the colors in the Ghanaian flag. The red represents the blood shed by the people of Ghana in their struggle for independence from British colonial rule. It also symbolizes the sacrifices made for freedom and justice. The yellow represents the country's abundant natural resources (Gold) and wealth. It also symbolizes the industrial and mineral wealth of the nation. The green represents the rich agricultural lands and the lush forests of Ghana. It also symbolizes growth, hope, and the country's commitment to environmental protection.


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Benjamin Kordieh


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