Day in life of Shea Glow

A typical day in my life as a small business owner begins with me waking up and checking for any new orders. To ensure efficiency, I prefer to prepare multiple product jars at once, rather than working on individual orders throughout the day. I wait until I have accumulated several orders before I start crafting my products. Speed is a priority for me, as I want my customers to enjoy a seamless experience, and I understand the frustration of waiting for a purchase.

Once the product jars are ready, I allow them to cool down before I start packaging and labeling them. Each order receives special attention; I print out labels and include a well-thought-out note on the thank-you card. Before the post office closes, I ensure that all orders for the day are shipped out. In just three days, the customers receive their orders.

Personally, I find it challenging to be patient during this time, as I eagerly await the reactions and reviews from customers who have received the jars I've carefully crafted.

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Benjamin Kordieh

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